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Thank you for dropping by my website. Here you can discover how a violin is made by hand and see some pictures and videos of the process, as well as some finished results! If you need your valuable instrument repaired or restored to its former glory, I’m happy to arrange to view it and give you an idea of how long it will take and of course, the cost.

Ordering an instrument

If you are thinking of ordering an instrument to be hand made by me, especially for you, I am happy to discuss your requirements. Unlike many other instrument makers of the violin family, I am an accomplished player and so understand the nuances of setting up an instrument to give the best possible tone. As well as understanding  the requirements of you, the working instrumentalist, I feel I am able to offer you an exceptional service in setting up and getting the best tonally from your instrument.

When you receive your instrument, you can be sure that you have something beautiful looking and beautiful sounding which will last you many, many years and that you will be proud, happy and comfortable to perform upon, knowing that it will give you the freedom to express yourself musically in whatever style you choose.

Having Your Instrument Repaired or Restored

I would be delighted to assess your precious instrument should it need repair or restoration and quote you for any work that it may need to be carried out. Rest assured, I am very experienced in the various techniques of repair work and especially setting up instruments to give their best tonally. Please contact me using the form on this site.

Looking for an older instrument?

If you are looking for an older instrument, I am able to source many fine quality violins, violas and ‘cellos, or can point you to someone who can help you with what you are seeking.

Please have a browse around and contact me through email or telephone if you feel I can be of assistance.

Repairs and Restorations

Here are some case studies of repairs and restorations I’ve carried out, so you can see how I work.

Case study 1


Case study 2


Case study 3


Ninian brought my old violin back to its former glory, thank you so much!

Ms R.J.

Ninian helped me find just the right model for my orchestral work. Thanks Ninian.

Mr R.G

The violin Ninian made me is superb. It will long outlast me!

Mrs H.C.